What is the Missouri Steel Tactical Series?

MOST matches are fast paced rifle matches divided into 8 or 10 stages where you will practice shooting at steel targets from different positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, prone), and various types of barricades. Most matches are about half prone, and half positional/barricades. Target sizes will depend on the distance and the level of difficulty. Less experienced shooters will get plenty of hits to make it fun, and the experts compete for more points by doing it faster or by engaging smaller optional targets. Targets are usually at a known distance, requiring good DOPE, and your wind reading skills will develop as you attend more matches. MOST stages are anywhere from 200 to 700 yards, with an occasional stage out to 1000 yards or more.

Matches are designed to last no more than 4 or 5 hours so you can drive in, shoot 50-80 rounds, and drive home in one day for a reasonable cost.

Bolt action rifles are prevalent, but semi-auto gas guns (typically AR-10 or AR-15 platforms) are allowed and can be very effective.

All you need is a scoped rifle, bipod, 80 rounds of ammo and DOPE. Here is a good rundown on equipment: http://precisionrifleblog.com/category/what-the-pros-use/